2 March 2013

A treasure discovered along water's edge.....

Leagues, leagues over the sea I sail
Couched on a wallowing dolphin's tail.
The sky is on fire, the waves a-sheen,
I dabble my foot in the billows green.
In a sea-weed hat on the rocks I sit,
where tern and sea-mew glide and beat,
and where dark shadows the cormorants meet.
In caverns cool when the tide's a wash
I sound my conch to the watery splash.
From out their grottos at evenings beam,
the mermaids swim with locks agleam.
- Walter De La Mare -

Handmade 'mermaids tiara' and sand dollars .

Enchanted by various handmade tiaras on the net, I just had to sculpt one for myself.
Wire , wrapped in cotton strips, fixed with glue and embelliished with pearl beads , miniature shells and string beads encrusted with paint. 

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