15 March 2013

Optimism is the true moral courage

....a quote by Ernest Shackleton, and my a portrait of the great explorer on a postcard.

Thank heavens the heat has finally subsided and once again, life can move on.
I only wonder how the old and sick manage to cope in such conditions , as many are without adequate cooling in their homes. I know for a fact  that it's not  unusual for the elderly to head down to the local shopping center for relief during such times. 
The more knowledgeable  you become about climate change, the more hopeless it can seem......these words by Ernest Shackleton, of course remain at the heart, else we may as well just give up the fight. Optimism to me, means actively living in a way that serves that purpose, and not blind faith that everything will turn out right no matter our lifestyles. There's a big difference between the two ideals.

 I leave this post today with a coupla pics of my paper mache art.


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